Three Camera HD CAT Video System

Three Camera HD Deluxe CAT Video System

This 3 camera video system is our premiere system with three professional Sony robotic HD cameras providing a pristine picture that support streaming up to 1920×1080 (1080P). The system is perfect for organizations that require full hi-def and have sufficient bandwidth (Min 3500K for HD). This is the system we have used for the last 2 years at our local church. Everything needed is included in the rack, just plug it in the wall and connect your internet. It supports both streaming and recording (simultaneously) and can be operated remotely by Tablet or Computer (even off premise!). Two of the three cameras are setup to be placed within 8 feet of the rack which provides ping-ponging and the 3rd camera can be placed anywhere within 200 feet using two standard Cat5/6 wires.  A professional four source video mixer is provided that allows you to select any of the 3 cameras or a 4th aux source which can be HDMI or Display port (for computers to provide graphics).  The preview is a “Multi-View” that shows all sources, the preview and program feeds on one screen!  The video mixer allows you to cut, fade or wipe between sources providing the same professional program stream you would get with systems costing 20x more. Remote access allows us to help you set up the system and troubleshoot any problems as well updating your system such as room layouts, new features, etc.  You can view an actual stream @ 720p we did live on Christmas Eve 2015: CLICK HERE TO VIEW

Our Three Camera Video Systems Includes (Click to Enlarge)

The Front


Model Cat-3hd Front

  • Completely self contained system integrated into a sturdy table top rack
  • Video Mixer/Switcher
  • USB slots local recording
  • 3 professional Sony PTZ cameras

The Rear


Model Cat-3hd Rear

  • Sturdy table top rack
  • Video scaler
  • Program streamer
  • Powerful Built in PC
  • Power supply
  • Crestron controller
  • Singular power connection
  • Wi-Fi router
  • Video switcher/mixer
  • Internet connection

A word on our incredible prices!

Custom Video Systems like the ones we offer can cost tens of thousands of dollars, how do we do it for only a fraction of that cost?  We repurpose and refurbish retired equipment to new current standards!  While only selecting the best of the best equipment from boardrooms and studios we can offer up to date specs with incredible savings and back it up with a full 2 year warranty!  Just to name a few of the quality brands we use are Sony, Canon, Crestron & Blackmagic Design

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