So what is a CAT Video System? CAT stands for Churches, Auditoriums and Theaters. It is the simple easy way to stream meetings, services, competitions, indoor sporting events, theatrical performances and concerts online. Everything you need to produce a quality video stream is included and ready to go when you receive system.

2020 has brought challenging times to many businesses and organizations. One of those challenges is how do they get their messages out and performances out to their who want to see them. CAT Video Systems is the answer. These systems are complete packages with all the equipment you will need to stream quality video live through popular streaming services such as youtube or facebook.

Another major challenge to many organizations is how to replace monies lost due to members and fans no longer being able to come to their venues. Streaming your events may be the answer to that problem.Through streaming there are ways to make money by charging a fee to view your games, presentations or classes online.

Contact CAT Video Systems to learn if we the answer to video needs.Our experienced staff can help match your organization up to the perfect system to fill your needs. Call 865-567-1313 today.